LPD response to civil disturbance

I think our police department’s terrific. As a senior citizen, I know a lot of us we see on television these riots and things that take place, and it’s created some fear in us quite a bit. I wouldn’t think this, but I wanted to put what your police force would do if there was a riot and they got out of hand, would you stand down and let it run its course or intervene?

Littleton Police Chief Doug StephensChief Douglas Stephens: Yeah, I understand. Getting bombarded by the media and those images and videos of that happening all over the country has got to be very disturbing and very challenging for a lot of people. So I can tell you that each situation, I’ve been in a few of these situations in my career, almost 30 years in law enforcement, I’ve been in a few of those incidents, and each one’s unique, and each one’s different. So it’s hard to tell if there’s any standard response to what we have. I can tell you and assure you that we do have plans in place to address whatever type of civil disturbance we may experience, and that’s, of course, we’re not a large agency. So we require on our neighbors around us to help us out, their county and different jurisdictions, Englewood and Sheridan and whatnot and just as we would help them out in the same situation.

Obviously, those are rapidly evolving situations. They can be very scary and very frightening. We’ve trained and do train and as a profession and as a department to handle those the best way we can, the most appropriate way we can. I can’t give you a straight-up answer of what we would do in any given situation. It kind of depends, and their very fluid. We’re paid and expected by the community of Littleton to protect and promote the peace. So I think that’s our primary responsibility, so we’ll do everything we can to maintain order and keep everyone safe.