Coordinating with utilities for street repair

Hillcrest Heights, W. Crestline Dr: to what extent does the city coordinate with Xcel to coordinate utility updates before repaving streets. Xcel is preparing to dig up our street again after new pavement and sidewalks. Patches seem to be subpar.

The city coordinates with all utilities that operate within our borders. As part of this effort we seek to get a 5-year look-ahead capital plan from each utility and pair that with the city’s plan. This allows all the partners to coordinate work, provide utility consolidation efforts, and add new conduit for current and future projects like fiber expansion in the city. As you noted sometimes the best laid plans don’t fall into place and a utility will need to go back into a street to complete emergency or unplanned repairs.

Related to patches, the city is in the process of developing enhanced transportation standards and as part of that project utility patching requirements are being reviewed.