Mask enforcement

Will you arrest someone for not wearing a mask in public place that has posted that one is required?

Littleton Police Chief Doug StephensChief Douglas Stephens: That’s a very timely question too, obviously. So given the pandemic and the restrictions that are changing quite often, and I think we’re seeing more across the country and in Colorado and now in Tri-County Health area, including the city of Littleton mask mandates that are kind of expanding. Part of our role… Let me just first off say that law enforcement is not the primary enforcer of those mandates. It’s the health department, nor do we want to be the primary enforcers of those, I can tell you that. However, we are good ambassadors, I think, for reminding folks that masks are required. That will be our response almost always is, “If you don’t mind, please wear a mask. There’s a mandate.”

I think most people will respond well to that. It’s hard for us to do when our officers are not wearing the masks, though, from an earlier question. So we have to model proper behavior as well. But I don’t like the masks. I think they’re not comfortable. They’re a pain. But we need to do what we need to do to protect each other, and we’ll get through this, and our primary response on the mask thing will be to politely advise people they should be wearing them.