Panhandling in medians

Are we going to keep allowing panhandling in the medians on busy streets, where there are about eight to 10 feet for the person to stand? I am worried someone is going to get hit by a car and killed.

Littleton Police Chief Doug StephensChief Douglas Stephens: Another great Littleton question, but not exclusive to Littleton. Thank you, Genie. Again, a question for the lawyers and legal experts. But as I understand and has been explained to me in training is, while that is a very concerning situation for obviously safety reasons, there’s also a first amendment argument there that has been taken to the courts, and especially in Colorado, and there’s a State Colorado Supreme Court ruling that restricts our ability to limit that type of behavior because of a first amendment argument. So while we do our best and we remind folks to try to stay safe, it is concerning from a safety perspective, and I know a lot of jurisdictions and municipalities are looking at ways to address that. But there has been a very serious legal challenge in the Supreme court that Colorado has come down and ruled that we’re very restricted in what we can do there. So our hands are tied on that.