Police response after a break-in

We had been told by some city officials that the police would respond within two to three minutes of a break in at the gun store in South Park area. That seemed not to happen a couple of weeks ago. Can you explain what is the police response time for such a situation?

Littleton Police Chief Doug StephensChief Douglas Stephens: No, response times vary. I can tell you on that specific incident, we were there within three minutes of notification of the call. So issue became when we were notified of the call. So I can’t always promise that. I can never promise a specific response time to any type of call. Obviously, our officers are aware of high profile locations in our city. The particular location we’re talking about probably, our officers had been there 24 times in the previous 30 days on what we call extra or directed patrol, where officers were visible at that location in an effort to prevent any type of crime. So just being an extra patrol in that area. So 24 times in 30 days is pretty good, extremely high, compared to what we do for other locations, and we were there very quickly. The burglary in question occurred in less than two minutes. So it was a very challenging situation.