Citizen complaints

How are citizen complaints handled?

Littleton Police Chief Doug StephensChief Douglas Stephens: We’ve had some time to look at Sam’s question. So I’ve been studying up during the downtime, the technical difficulties, and we apologize for that. Citizen complaints can come in a number of ways. We can take complaints in person. You can contact us online. You can contact us by phone. It’s very important for us and for me as the chief of police to understand the job that our officers are doing. Let me just say that we have tremendously professional men and women wearing this uniform, the Littleton Police uniform, and we’re very fortunate to be supported so strongly by our community. But there are times when we don’t provide the service that as expected, and we need to know about that.

So the way that you can make complaints and the way complaints are handled is we would receive that complaint through any of those ways that I talked about, online or in person or in the phone, and then we would assign a supervisor. Usually, the first line supervisor would investigate that initial complaint. So persons who make complaints would obviously have their information taken by a supervisor, and then we would conduct whichever type of investigation we feel is appropriate. At the end of that investigation, the complainant, the person who made the complaint would be notified by us as to the outcome of that complaint as well.