Suggestions to alleviate traffic on W. Mineral Ave.

I listened to a portion of the town hall meeting last night. I was disappointed in the response to the traffic situation on Mineral. What I heard was people asking you to address the current situation and your response was it will take 10-15 years. That is unacceptable.

The congestion challenges at Mineral and Santa Fe are very complex and are a result of not only the vehicles traveling directly through the intersection, but those along roadways around the immediate region. The construction project on C-470 has caused a higher volume of traffic to divert onto local roadways to avoid traveling through the congestion in the construction zone. Traffic accidents, special events, and other factors in the surrounding roadway network have a direct impact on the operations of this intersection. The volatility and unpredictable nature of traffic patterns around Santa Fe have made this intersection very difficult to manage. There are also physical constraints that cause any substantial changes to the intersection to take a long time to study and require many millions of dollars to correct. The city already faces a significant funding shortfall in maintaining our existing pavement infrastructure and undertaking any capacity challenges on our roadway network will require outside financial resources.

Currently, the city is working on making simple adjustments to try to mitigate the congestion. We have been working with Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and CDOT on signal timing and striping changes. At the same time we are looking at long term strategies and planning for the future.

I think you must look at such things as:
Making one-way streets around Century Link to direct traffic off Mineral and onto County Line Rd.

One way circulation only shifts the congestion to other streets. County Line Road is only a two lane road between Southpark Lane and Primo Road, and as such has even less capacity than Mineral. Many vehicles are traveling west into Ken Caryl and other westward or northward destinations so would still likely go through this same intersection via Santa Fe.

Assigning police officers to direct traffic at Mineral and Jackass Hill during the afternoon rush hour every week day.

There are 30,000 vehicles a day that travel through this intersection. Placing a police officer in the intersection would be incredibly unsafe for the officer. Police officers are trained to direct traffic in emergency situations and would not be able to direct traffic any more efficiently than a signal system.

Using the crosswalk light on Mineral west of the South Platte River Park as a spacer light during morning rush hour.

The referenced signal is a pedestrian signal only and is not designed to control the flow of traffic on Mineral. To change a signal from a pedestrian item to a fully-actuated traffic control signal would be problematic and not meet warrants (national and industry standards) and could lead to more congestion and unsafe conditions.